Tea is more then just a beverage, It is a way to live healthy...

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About us


Tea & More was founded with the goal of bringing you only the highest quality Certified Organic Chinese teas. We focus on offering safe organic teas from China and authentic teaware and accesories. The mission of Tea & More is to revitalize the culture and art of drinking, preparing and appreciating teas. We impart to our customers the health benefits, the enjoyment and the tranquility that comes with drinking tea.

We are retailers of organic Chinese leaf tea that is imported direct from China. We sell a large variety of Chinese Teas, including White tea , Green tea, Oolong tea, Pu Er tea, Scented tea and Blooming tea. We have a wide range of tea related products, such as tea pots and tea cups from Jinde town porcelain, Yi Xing purple clay and ru Kiln celadon and glass. We also have bamboo tea trays, tea filters and everything else you need to make the perfect cup of Chinese tea.

I want to share my passion of tea to everyone.

Zhuxiang is one of the partners of Tea & More. She became a tea lover after being introduced to the traditional Chinese Gongfu tea (tea with great skill) in 2003 in Canton. In 2006 she lived in Hangzhou, the home of the best Green tea. There she participated a Tea Master program to further her professional knowledge of the production and preparation of teas and to study the ancient art of the Tea Culture. To her, tea is not only a drinkable art but also a way to keep healthy, both physically and mentally.

If you are a tea lover or just want to explore something new to you. Please do not hesitate to visit our shop at mageleinstraat 21g, 9000 Gent. Maybe you will become a tea lover just like zhuxiang after experiencing, seeing, smelling and tasting the REAL Chinese teas.

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