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Black Tea (Known As Red Tea In China)

Fermentation: Light to strong fermentation.

Growing Regions: Sichuan, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong.

Best Seasons To Purchase:  Spring, Autumn.

Most Popular Varieties:
  Premium Lapsang Sauchong (zhengshan xiaozhong)
  Keemun Black Tea first Grade (Qimen)
  Golden Tips Red Tea (Dien Hong)

Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, green and white teas.
There are hundreds of different teas in the Black Tea family. Each one of them has a unique process of exposing leaves to air, controlled humidity and temperature to facilitate fermentation. These fermentation processes gives a tea its unique aroma and flavor.
Black tea is generally stronger in flavor than the less oxidized teas.

Process:  Fresh tea leaf → Withering→ Forming →Oxidization→Drying→Black  Tea

Golden Steed Eyebrow ( Jinjunmei )

Golden Steed Eyebrow (Jinjunmei) is the highest grade version of Lapsang Souchong (Zhengshan xiaozhong). It is also known as the highest grade Black tea in China.
​Jinjunmei tea is created in 2005 in Fujian province. It is made of tea buds which are picked before Tomb-sweeping Day from a rare and primitive specie of wild tea  trees which grow on mountains, in the National Natural Conservation Area of Wuyi Mountain, with an attitude of 1500 to 1800 meters.   A skilled female worker can only pick about 2000 pieces of tea buds per day and needs tens of thousands of pieces of tea buds to produce 500 grams of Jinjunmei.
Processed Jinjunmei has the following characteristics: tight, slender and gold-yellow-black tea leaf, golden tea soup, mixed aromas of fruit, flower, honey, and potato.


Golden Steed Eyebrow ( Jinjunmei )

Type : Black Tea.
Origin : Fujian Province, China.
Harvest : 2012.

Dian Hong Tea

Dian Hong Tea is a Red Tea grown in China’s Yunnan Province. The name “Dian Hong” means “Yunnan Red”. Dian is the short name for Yunnan Province and Hong is Chinese for “Red”. Originally produced in the early Twentieth Century, this tea is a newcomer in the world of Chinese Tea. Although relatively unknown outside of China, this tea is a fairly high end tea within China and has a strong following.
The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips," present in the dried tea. Fermented with lychee or roses. Dianhong teas produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in colour with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency. Cheaper varieties of Dianhong produce a darker brownish brew that can be very bitter.
When picking the tea, the farmers pick small leaf buds and very few opened leaves. The processed tea leaves have a dark red tint and the brewed tea is a golden orange colour. The tea has a robust flavour with a hint of plum. The tea can be brewed many times, which adds value to the tea price.


Dian Hong Tea

Type : Black Tea.
Origin : Yunnan Province, China.
Harvest : 2012.

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