Tea is more then just a beverage, It is a way to live healthy...

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Do you know ...

  •   Tea has dozens of proven and widely-suggested health benefits.

  •   Tea culture was born in China.

  •   Chinese people rarely drink flavoured tea.

  •   Chinese teas can be rebrewed multiple times using the same leaves.

  •   Tea is categorized by color: white, green, yellow, red, black.

We organize the following workshops. Click on them for more info.


GongFu Tea Ceremony

Start Time : 18h30.
Duration : Estimated 1 hour.
Cost : 8 € per person.

Tea Class

Start Time : 18h30.
Duration : Between 1,5 and 2,5 hours depending number of people attending workshop.
Cost : 20 € per person.
Min 4 to Max 8 people are accepted per day.
It is also possible to reserve as a group on any other date or time. Just contact us for more details.

How to subscribe:

Call, text or mail your full name and preferred date and time and the workshop you want to follow to us.
We will contact you to confirm reservations or suggest a different date if fully booked.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these workshops.
GSM : 0487 22 72 11
Mail : info@teamore.be

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