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Scented Tea

Scented Tea (known as flower teas) can be either green or white teas that are been infused with certain flowers, which bring a delicate and floral smell and taste to pure tea.

Originally flowers were added to green tea to disguise a poor quality of the tea. Unfortunately, this is still the case with many commercially produced scented teas. We selected the high quality jasmine teas, it combines freshly-picked jasmine flowers with silver needle white tea. It is best to enhance your meals or bring a nice meal to a subtle delicious end.

Jasmine Pearls Scented Tea Grade A (Moli longzhu)

Jasmine Pearls Scented Tea Grade A is the high-end jasmine tea in pearl shape.

The bud of the white tea bushes are picked in the early spring, then hand rolled into a pearl shape and dried. The pearls are then mixed in with freshly picked jasmine flowers and left to absorb the flavor and aroma of the jasmine. This process is repeated a total of six times.This Jasmine tea has a mild flavor and the aroma lasts over many infusions is also a way of proving that this tea is infused with real jasmine flowers, not artificially scented.

Type : Scented White Tea.
Origin : Fujian Province, China.
Harvest : 2012.
Tea leaves : Hand rolled, 1 bud.
Taste : Sweet, light and refreshing with strong jasmine aroma.

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