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Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony.

Chinese Gongfu Tea ceremony will introduce you to the Chinese method of tea-making, called "Gong Fu Cha" - "Tea With Great Skill". In this traditional and ancient art, you can enjoy premium quality of most famous Chinese teas and gain some knowledge of an advanced stage of tea-making.

I noticed how a lot of my friends here make tea. They throw some tea leaves in a very large big teapot, then add boiling water and let the leaves steep until the brew was very strong. When the tea got too strong, they would simply add more water and repeat the process until the leaves had no more flavour. You will be surprise to hear that this is how most Chinese drink tea as well! While most Chinese are aware of Gong Fu Cha but few actually know how it is done.

Gong Fu Cha is essentially about controlling all the variables of tea-making with a high degree of precision and consistency. In this way it is possible to get the maximum flavour consistently from the maximum number of brews that a tea can make. It is a procedure of practical steps where everything involved has a functional purpose to make a tea taste as good as possible. Gong Fu Cha is as much about escaping the pressures of life for a few moments as it is about enjoying every drop of tea.

The following 4 teas are going to be tasted:

  • White Tea --- Silver Needle.

  • Green Tea --- Longjing Tea.

  • Oolong Tea --- Tie Guan Yin.

  • Black Tea --- Keemen.

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