Tea is more then just a beverage, It is a way to live healthy...

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Tea Class.

Unlike wine drinkers who learn about vines and vintages, the tea-maker must make what they drink, which requires not just knowledge but skill in selecting and using their tools.

This tea class is not only giving you information about how to prepare good tea, but also learn you how to drink tea in a healthy way to gain wellness by balancing your “yin & yang” energy according to your body condition.

You will have your own tea and tea tools to practice while you are learning the theories. With the information and guidance presented in this class, you can progress quickly to an advanced stage of tea-making in this traditional and ancient art.

There are two levels of making a good and proper tea:

At the basic level, there are 5 variables involved:

  • Quality of The Tea.

  • How Much Tea Do I Use?

  • Temperature of the water.

  • Brewing Times.

  • The quality and type of teapot.

At a more advanced level, the following are added:

  • Selecting a teapot.

  • Advanced brewing technique.

  • Quality of water.

  • Seasoning a new Teapot.

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